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Talking Dictionary870. When Apt. Neighbors Are Vandals


870. A week ago, the super had secured another wireless tablet to the elevator wall. In addition to displaying digital advertising, the Samsung tablet displayed the time, weather, and daily headlines. Yesterday morning, Sue stepped into the elevator and turned to read the headlines. For the second time in a month, the tablet was gone. A thief or thieves had pried it off the wall. She shook her head. Who are these bad neighbors, she wondered. She decided to play detective. She immediately dismissed women and older men as culprits. That left younger men. Whenever she stood in the elevator with a younger man, she smiled and said hello. She gauged his guilt by his reaction. If he smiled and said hello, he wasn't guilty. If he ignored her or just grunted, he was probably guilty. It took her only a month to unearth nine shifty suspects. She called the super. 5.4


870. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.