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Talking Dictionary869. If Kitty Won't Eat It, More For Me


869. Sam named his newest rescue cat Universe. He had named his previous two rescue cats, may they rest in peace, Cosmos and Galaxy. Universe, Sam quickly discovered, had a GI problem: diarrhea. Sam had to clean her litter box five times a day. He took Universe to the vet. The vet gave Sam some medicine and charged him $100. He said if the medicine didn't work, he had Plan B medicine costing $200. Plan A medicine didn't work; Sam passed on Plan B. Talking to his mom one day, he mentioned Universe's problem. His mom said, "Chow had diarrhea, but we gave him plain yogurt for two weeks, and bingo, he was a new dog." Sam said, "Plain? Dogs'll eat anything, won't they?" The next day he bought Universe Mixed Berry yogurt, his favorite. He was surprised—and only a little disappointed—when she lapped it up, berries and all. 5.0


869. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.