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Talking Dictionary868. No Smoking Anywhere In America!


868. Federal agency HUD proposed a ban against smoking in public housing nationwide. The ban would save taxpayers $150 million annually in health care and fire damage costs. It applies to common areas, such as lobbies, and to adjacent outside areas. More infuriating to many residents is that it applies to the apartments themselves. A Queens resident said, "I can't smoke in my own apartment?! What next? I can't deep‐fry my Spam? I can't put four spoons of sugar in my coffee? It's not fair! Every law in this country discriminates against the poor." However, a Bronx resident said, "It's about time. Everyone knows that smoke drifts into neighboring apartments through outlets and windows. I can smell my next‐door neighbor's foul cigarettes every time he lights up. I immediately start coughing my lungs out—I know he can hear me!—but he keeps on smoking. He's killing me, but nobody cares!" 6.5


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