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Talking Dictionary867. No Law And No Order


867. The mayor told his staff, "Muggings. Robberies. Shootings. Stabbings. Every day, every borough. How can we make our Big Apple safer?" They thought, and thought, and thought. A year later at a festive site beside the Hudson, Big Bird proudly announced, "Welcome to CrimmeLannd, where you can scratch all your criminal itches! Get them out of your system here, so when you go home, you are at peace with yourself and your upstairs neighbor. You want to push your boss off a subway platform? You want to run over your nagging mother‐in‐law? You want to mug a stupid tourist? You want to rob a rude taxi driver? You want to get in a cop's face and call him every name in the book? No problem! CrimmeLannd's generic and custom‐order androids endure—and deserve!—all the abuse you care to administer. Anything goes, just as long as it stays—in CrimmeLannd." 4.4


867. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.