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Talking Dictionary866. Fewer Tires, More Profit


866. She heard a loud flapping noise. After parking beside the road, she discovered that she had a flat tire. No problem. She'd taken a basic auto mechanics class in junior college. She knew how to change a tire. She opened the trunk and looked for the spare. Did someone steal my spare, she wondered. She opened the glove compartment and thumbed through the new‐smelling owner's guide. On page 38, it said, "In order to better serve owners, we have not provided this vehicle with an emergency tire. In case of a flat, owners should call their preferred towing service." How am I better served, she wondered, by not having a spare tire? Would they sell jeans without a secret pocket? Would they sell nail clippers without a file? Would they sell a pot without a lid? Would they sell a toy without a battery? Toy companies started it, she decided. 4.4


866. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.