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Talking Dictionary864. Buses Don't Just Walk Away


864. Many people can't stop smoking or drinking. Some people can't stop biting their nails, chewing gum, or shoplifting. Darryl can't stop "shoplifting" trains and buses. He illegally drove an A train, properly stopping at six stops, when he was only 16. Since then, he has illegally driven 22 more trains and buses. He has never threatened or injured anyone or damaged any property. Recently, a Greyhound bus driver pulled into the Port Authority in Manhattan. The passengers and driver left the bus. An hour later, NYPD caught Darryl driving the empty bus in Flatbush. He was wearing an MTA bus driver's uniform and grinning. The judge sentenced Darryl, 58 and autistic since childhood, to cognitive behavioral training. The judge said, "I don't blame you. The next time you 'borrow' a vehicle, whoever's in charge of the lax security at that location will become familiar with 'excellent' security—in my jail." 7.7


864. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.