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Talking Dictionary863. Mankind's No. 1 Foe Is NOT Man?!


863. The scientist told the host of a late‐night radio talk show, "George, you'd think that we humans were our own worst enemy. We're polluting our oceans with oil and plastic. We're polluting our rivers with farm and industrial waste. Combustion engines and coal‐burning power plants are turning our sky brown. We're deforesting our forests and defishing our oceans. Global warming is turning Iceland into Riceland and, soon, Coney Island's Parachute Jump will become its Parachute Reef. Most governments' research money goes toward weaponry. We're so busy destroying Mother Earth and our neighbors that we're ignoring our real worst enemy—the Starry Stalker in the Sky. Meteorites strike our planet regularly. There's a 30‐kilometer meteor out there right now with our name on it. But we can still save ourselves if we put aside our petty differences right now and unite to wage war against the heavens instead of the 'heathens.'" 8.9


863. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.