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Talking Dictionary862. Horn Of Used To Be Plenty


862. A pound of ground beef costs $8. A pound of ground coffee costs $15. A pound of ground horn—rhino horn—costs $30,000. However, rhino horn customers aren't complaining. They know that $30,000 is cheap compared to what they'll have to pay for the last horn from the last rhino standing. They're prepared to pay a million dollars for it. They're even prepared to kill one another to get their hands on that horn; murder of a few fellow connoisseurs is incidental to those who would murder an entire species. Incidentally, an archaeology team recently dug up a scroll from an emperor's gravesite in Asia. The scroll says, "After they kill all the rhinos, men who still wish to appear manly must add ground roach antennae, housefly wings, and mosquito eyes to their daily meals." The team leader said, "Well, at least that's three species we won't mind seeing dead." 7.5


862. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.