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Talking Dictionary861. Wife Lists Hubby's Writing Skills


861. He often read articles about accomplished writers. Like him, many writers had grown up in New York City. Many had dreamed of writing The Great American Novel. He told his wife, "I have so much in common with other writers, but they're published and admired, and I'm neither. What's their secret? Where've I gone wrong?" She said, "You're not a real writer; you're an Internet writer. Your stories are yawners. They make me rub my eyes. They make me stop reading. They make me look out the window for something interesting. If you were a painter, your portfolio would be Little Beige, Medium Beige, and Big Beige. If you were an architect, your skyscrapers would be tall cardboard boxes with cheap plastic windows. If—" He said, "Okay, enough already. I got it! Stop beating a dead horse." She said, "The horse was okay until it read one of your stories!" 4.3


861. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.