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Talking Dictionary860. Four Weekends Is Forever?


860. He'd already received his 12 issues of the weekend Times. But the paperman delivered a 13th issue on Friday and a 14th issue on Saturday. He called the paper. "Something's wrong. The paperman's still delivering the paper." The representative, Sheryll, said, "Nothing's wrong. You haven't canceled." He said, "But I only ordered four weekends." She said, "No, you ordered four weekends at the promotional price of $8. Now you're paying the regular price for your subscription." He said, "Subscription?! What subscription?! Four weekends isn't a subscription." She said, "It is if you don't cancel." He said, "Cancel me!" She said, "Okay, you're canceled. But you still owe $8 plus new charges of $36.80 makes $44.80 total." He said, "I'll pay $8 total, period!" He hung up. He told his wife about the scam. She said, "You deserve it for being greedy." He said, "Greedy? A super deal isn't being greedy!" 5.0


860. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.