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Talking Dictionary859. A Hard Look In The Mirror


859. They were in Uniqlo on 34th Street. The three‐story clothing store had big wall mirrors everywhere. After he helped her put on a dark gray vest she was interested in, he stood next to her while she looked in the mirror. He looked at himself. He saw his big ears and his small head. He didn't have just a pinhead; he also had an egghead. He was a pinhead‐egghead! He saw his narrow shoulders and wide hips. He had a shape like a diamond, more womanly than manly. He was the winner?!, he often wondered. He shook his head. She asked, "You don't like it?" He said, "No, sorry. I'm shaking my head at me. I'm sure not anything to look at." She said, "No, you're not, honey. But I'm not with you because of how you look to me. I'm with you because of how you look at me." 2.4


859. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.