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Talking Dictionary857. End Of The World 2.0


857. A Russian passenger plane headed out of Egypt to St. Petersburg. The plane disintegrated shortly after reaching 31,000 feet. A terrorist group had achieved its long‐sought goal. The group leader proclaimed responsibility for all 224 deaths. Airline and government officials quickly dismissed the claim. A week went by. President Obama said that maybe terrorists had indeed planted a bomb on the plane. The terrorist leader told his second in command, "'Maybe'?! They continue to underestimate us. Next year, we will rock their world. Next year we'll make 9/11 look like the pop of an American boy's cap pistol." In addition to the cargo bomb, the group had developed an idiot‐proof, hide‐in‐plain‐sight, carry‐on bomb. The day before Thanksgiving, 100 loyalists boarded 100 passenger planes worldwide. The planes lifted into the air within minutes of one another. Half an hour later, the zealots blew themselves and the planes out of the sky. 7.9


857. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.