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Talking Dictionary855. Empathy Won't Get You Hired


855. Hiram went to a job interview on Houston Street. Three men were sitting at a large wooden table. He knew these men. They had interviewed him once already for a counseling job in the Manhattan office. Today's interview was for the Brooklyn office. Halfway through the interview, a cellphone vibrated. An interviewer went outside to answer the call. Meanwhile, Hiram noticed another interviewer scrolling through his cellphone. The third interviewer asked Hiram, "What's your greatest strength?" The other interviewer reentered the room. This time his phone rang, and he answered it quietly at the table. Hiram said, "Empathy. I'm very good at tuning into how others are feeling. For example, I see that two of you are busy with your phones. That's because I'm boring you. I apologize. In fact, I'm boring myself." With that, Hiram took out his own cellphone, turned it on, and silently started checking his email. 5.7


855. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.