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Talking Dictionary854. Art: A Moustache On A Photo


854. Penny turned the page of the magazine. A two‐color photo filled the next two pages. She was about to turn the page again when she happened to catch the caption. It said that the artist had decided that pink smoke billowing out of a yellow spaghetti squash was "art." Studying the photo, Penny decided that it was pretty cool. She wondered how the artist was able to make pink smoke come out of a yellow squash. In the caption, however, he didn't explain how he did it. He just said, "The purpose of art is to turn the mundane into the strange." At a street fair a week later, Penny watched a man dressed in a clown costume twist and tie ordinary multi‐colored pipe cleaners into animal figures. Picking up a "dog," Penny asked, "Is this art?" The man said, "Miss, for $1.50, you can call it whatever you like." 6.0


854. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.