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Talking Dictionary850. Space Heater: Too Many Choices


850. His apartment in the 80‐year‐old building had four windows facing south, through which he could see the Belt Parkway traffic. Not clearly, because each double‐paned window was streaky with condensation and water stains. Worse, the windows were drafty. Last year he'd applied "weather proof" tape to the window frames, but Old Man Winter still made himself at home. He'd spent the whole winter bundled up from head to toe. This year, he decided to buy a space heater. He went online. He found dozens of space heaters and hundreds of reviews. He went to a nearby hardware store and examined fourteen display models. He left, shaking his head. A week later, his sister asked which one he'd bought. He said, "None. There were too many. I didn't want to choose the wrong one, take it back, pick another one, take it back. It's simpler just to wait for global warming." 4.1


850. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.