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Talking Dictionary849. I'll Stick To You like Gum To A Shoe


849. He felt that the interview at 245 Houston Street for a NYS veterans' advisor position had not gone well, since all three interviewers had paid more attention to their cellphones than to his answers. Walking back to the West 4 Street subway station, he stepped in some moist brown stuff. He immediately stepped in a nearby puddle in an attempt to dissolve the stuff. Once home, he checked out the rubber sole of his shoe. No brown stuff was there, but something much worse was—gum! Denouncing the gum spitter, he took a toothbrush and some cleansers into the bathroom and went to work. Twenty minutes later, he had removed only half the gum. He went to Doody's Home Center and bought a bottle of GoodbyeToABCGum for $4. Back home, boiling some water to make coffee, he had an idea. Later that day, he returned the unopened bottle to Doody's. 6.8


849. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.