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Talking Dictionary847. Nerds Are For Trusting


847. Jenny from called John. She said that unauthorized persons were accessing his computer. With his permission, she installed GoToControl on his laptop and opened the "netstats" screen. She said, "See all those 'Established' accounts in column four? They're monitoring your keystrokes, including your passwords. For only $400, we can give you our guaranteed hack‐proof, three‐year security patch." He said, "But I can't afford $400." She said, "Are you over 50? You'll qualify for a $100 discount." He said, "Yes, but $300 is still a lot of money. I'm unemployed." Jenny said, "In that case, we can give you another $50 discount." John said, "Let me think about it." She said, "Sure, but these discounts end at midnight." He said, "I've never even heard of your company before." She said, "We'll give you a complete refund if you're dissatisfied for any reason." He said, "Really? For any reason? I'm in." 5.7


847. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.