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Talking Dictionary845. Best Rx For Job Stress


845. Cheryl worked for a NYC agency. Needy clients came to her job center every day. They needed cash assistance. They needed Medicaid. They needed food stamps. Each client sat in a plastic chair next to Cheryl's desk. She put all their information into the computer. The computer calculated all the information to arrive at a dollar amount for the client. The dollar amount was never correct, because Cheryl never put in all the correct information. Cheryl didn't know what she was doing, but her supervisors always said, "Don't worry. You'll get it." Cheryl got a headache. She got a stomachache. She got insomnia. She even got pimples. But she never got "it." She was stressed out. She scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist. A week later, she canceled it. The receptionist asked, "You don't want to reschedule?" Cheryl said, "Nope! Cancel it. Who needs a shrink? I quit the job!" 4.5


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