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Talking Dictionary843. Gargoyle Watches B38s Go By


843. Dean waited near Flatbush Avenue. When the B38 Limited arrived, he took a window seat behind the driver. He loved the ride eastward to work through the Brooklyn neighborhood. First came the popular BAM Harvey Theater. Was he ever going to catch a show there? Then the bus turned left up Lafayette Avenue. He watched kids pour out of the G station and head toward school. Their whole lives were ahead of them, just as his once was. He enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower (in Brooklyn!) on the French Cleaners storefront. Minutes later, passing a red brick apartment building, he studied a huge, beige gargoyle looking southeast. A solitary gargoyle, 30 feet up, on the corner of an apartment building. Every day Dean wondered, Why?! Just blocks ahead, the grand Queen of All Saints Church displayed dozens of watchful gargoyles on its walls. Had one just wanted more elbow room? 5.3


843. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.