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Talking Dictionary842. The Fat Rises To The Top


842. Dave thought people who drank, smoked, or ate to excess were weak. He told anyone who listened, "They like to say that it's not their fault, that it's an addiction or a disease. It's neither one; they're just weak. A little thing like a cigarette, a shot, or a cookie is stronger than a big human being? All it takes is will power." At work one day, the company director, Lisa, asked Dave why he'd been disrespectful to his supervisor, Monica. Dave said, "I wasn't. She accused me of goofing off. I just set her straight." Lisa said, "You should've sent an email to Monica's supervisor instead of getting in her face." Lisa wrote him up. When he got home, Dave told his wife, "Both of those cows weigh over 200 pounds. Why would a company put them in control of a workforce when they can't even control a utensil?" 4.4


842. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.