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Talking Dictionary838. Telephone: Not Just A Kid's Game


838. A reporter was interviewing a famous novelist. Flora said, "Fluffy likes to sleep on my sofa." Phil said, "So, you're saying that you don't like your cat sleeping on your sofa because she always leaves hair that you have to vacuum up. And that before she jumps onto the sofa, she usually takes a few seconds to sharpen her claws by digging into the sides of the sofa. What you're suggesting is that—" Flora interrupted. "No, I'm not suggesting anything, and I didn't say any of that. Who's the fiction writer here? If I say, 'I have no bananas,' are you going to report that I said there's a worldwide banana crisis and everyone should purchase all the bananas they can and hoard them in commercial refrigerators? You reporters are all alike. Life's myriad grains of everyday sand have no value unless you can fabricate phony pearls out of them." 7.5


838. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.