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Talking Dictionary837. Mom Goes On Till She Passes On


837. William called his 87‐year‐old mom every evening around six. She always began, "Hi, honey. I'm so glad you called. I was just sitting here next to the phone." Then she proceeded to tell him at length about her day, which happened to be just like the day before. And the day before that. He just politely listened, never mentioning how often she repeated herself. But one evening he had to ask her, because he couldn't refrain anymore. "Mom, do you know your stories just go on and on? And they're always the same?" She said, "Of course I know that. But that's my life. I'm old; my stories are old. But I still have some excitement every day. That's when you call me. My only real pleasure in life now is talking to you. I can't bend your father's ear anymore. So please, bear with me until I'm gone too." 3.2


837. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.