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Talking Dictionary835. Germany Cheats On U.S. Car Test


835. Americans were shocked to discover that millions of German‐made VX cars violated U.S. anti‐pollution regulations. Saying, "I take full responsibility," the VX CEO resigned. A week later, he said, "Americans are always so shocked. So we cheated a little. Every corporation cheats, and American corporations cheat the best. We learned from them. Look at how many of them don't even pay all their taxes. Shocking. But our cheating didn't kill anyone. GM's ignition‐switch defect killed 100 Americans. Shocking. Look at the stock market collapse in 2008. Who caused that worldwide depression? Greedy U.S. corporations. Shocking. Now Americans are shocked because they say Europe is not welcoming the Syrian refugees. Excuse me; America's bigger than Europe. In fact, Texas is bigger than Europe. Where's George W? He opened this can of worms in 2003. He should be waving his cowboy hat, inviting all of Syria to come live on his ranch." 7.2


835. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.