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Talking Dictionary834. Why Do The Poor Bankroll The Rich?


834. Elvin said, "Everyone complains about income inequality, but millions of us Americans underwrite it every week." His wife Joy asked, "How's that? " He said, "We buy lottery tickets. What is a huge lottery prize but income inequality? There's but a breath of a chance that one person will win $100 million or more. But whoever does win becomes an instant one‐percenter. He's not on our team anymore. He becomes one of 'them,' while the rest of us settle for the crumbs. We invest our hard‐earned dollars simply to create another one‐percenter. Our money becomes our honchos' money." She said, "But you have a solution." He said, "Of course. It's so simple. Spread the wealth. Instead of one prize worth $100 million, let's have 200 prizes worth $500,000. Half a million won't make anyone a one‐percenter, but at least it'll help 200 of us live a little less on the edge." 6.7


834. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.