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Talking Dictionary832. Jingle To Improve Pecan Sales


832. Jimmy, a pecan grower in Georgia, was complaining to his wife Rosalynn. "Pecans are sweeter and moister than almonds, yet almonds sell for twice the price, and people buy twice as many." She asked, "Well, how did the almond industry get so big?" He said, "I read that their first step was to distribute free bags of almonds on airline flights. Passengers loved the nuts, which of course tasted even better because they were free. Many passengers, in fact, had never even eaten an almond before." She said, "Well, why can't we do the same thing? Call Howard. He's on the marketing committee." Jimmy said, "I'll do that, but one more thing. We should have a pecan slogan. Slogans always help sales." She said, "I already thought of one. And even better than a slogan, it's a jingle. Are you ready? 'I can, you can, we all can for pecans!'" 4.1


832. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.