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Talking Dictionary829. Airline Might Soon Go Southsouth


829. Northnorth, a new U.S. airline, bragged, "If we're late, we pay." Passengers flocked to buy tickets, unaware of Northnorth's bogus definitions of "late" and "pay" buried in its 400‐page Terms of Use. However, passengers quickly became aware of the airline's other penny‐pinching tactics. It flies unwashed, older planes. A passenger reserving a window seat, which costs extra, can pay more extra to have his window pre‐washed if he wants to view takeoffs and landings. A peanut dispenser delivers 10 raw, unsalted peanuts for a dollar, paid for, like all other amenities, with a credit card swipe. Free, uniodized salt is usually available in the shaker chained to the dispenser. Reclining seatbacks cost a quarter a minute, as do the overhead, fresh‐air blowers. Any passenger willing to stand in the aisle can fly half‐price. He doesn't have to worry about blocking the flight attendants because, like the toilets, there are none. 9.2


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