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Talking Dictionary828. Careful What You Pray For


828. Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, has a half‐billion‐dollar problem. The problem is in the streets, which resemble the galaxies of the universe, which are likewise full of black holes. Little black holes, medium black holes, large black holes. Axle‐breaking, rim‐cracking black holes. Jackson's drivers can get from point A to point Z only if they manage to avoid black holes B through Y. Jackson's drivers are Moley trying to avoid Whacka, Ali trying to avoid Frazier. Jackson's mayor, Reverend Moon, said, "Well, the good thing about all these potholes is that they really cut down on texting while driving. The bad thing about them is that we don't have the money to fix them. Like Moses, Jackson has only one solution—prayer. If the good Lord can part the Red Sea, He can certainly fill a few potholes." A week later, Jackson got ten inches of rain in nine hours. 7.0


828. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.