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Talking Dictionary827. Cruel Death For Cool Dad


827. He was tall, athletic, and handsome. He married early, and he and his wife raised eight happy, healthy children. He wrote poems, loving and humorous, to his wife throughout their marriage. After retiring from the Army, he taught middle school for 20 years and retired again. He spent his second retirement enjoying time with his children, playing golf, and taking cruises with his wife. He was always having fun, always on the go. And then he went, after seven days in a hospital bed. Father of eight, grandfather of four, loving husband of one, he died alone. Nobody was at his bedside during that final day to hold his hand, to talk to him, to listen to him, to comfort him on his way to heaven. All day long, he surely wondered, Where's my wife, Where are my children? To her everlasting sorrow, his wife arrived minutes after he died. 6.5


827. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.