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Talking Dictionary825. When Shoe's On Other Foot


825. Reverend Hal Sharple, a popular NYC blactivist, often appears at the scene of a murder when the victim is black and the killer is white. Speaking before TV and radio station microphones and cameras, he lambastes racist whites who, as policemen or civilians, don't seem to know or care that Black Lives Matter. But when blacks murder whites, Sharple not only fails to appear at the scene, but also fails to voice any disapproval. He says nothing about racist blacks. He says nothing about White Lives Matter. When asked about his two disparate responses to racial murders, Sharple said, "For one thing, they're different. And if you don't know in your own heart how they're different, I could never explain it to you. For another, I can't speak up for every victim of every color. Where are the white preachers? I'm too busy speaking up for all the black victims." 7.8


825. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.