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Talking Dictionary824. Customer Service: 4 Or 7?


824. Talking to a customer, she said, "No, I didn't say the number four the first time. I said the number seven. The two numbers don't even sound alike. How could you have heard four when I said seven? I mean, I could understand if you think I said eleven, because eleven sounds a lot like seven. But I never say eleven. I heard that some kid couldn't dial the police once in an emergency because his mom had told him to dial nine‐eleven instead of 9‐1‐1. The poor kid couldn't find eleven on the dial pad. So I never say eleven, so you couldn't have mistaken eleven for seven. Hold on a second. I'll just double‐check. Oops! I think you're right. It is a seven. You know how sometimes people cross their sevens and make them look like fours? That's why I guess I said four. You're right. I apologize." 4.3


824. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.