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Talking Dictionary819. Buttons His Lip Re Her Tat


819. After looking both ways, even though Bergen Street is one‐way, he crossed. He stood near the subway station railing and looked toward the 78th Precinct building. A pretty woman in a sundress walked by. Like many young women in Brooklyn, she had a tattoo. Hers was on her upper back, just south of her slender neck. It was circular, about the diameter of a silver dollar. It was kind of "lacey"; lots of circular links comprised one large circle. The ink was one color—light green. He was sure that the tattoo meant something. He was sure that she liked men asking, "What is this?" It meant nothing to him. He couldn't help but notice one other thing about her tattoo. It was off‐center. It was about a quarter‐inch too far right. He said, "Oh, Miss!" She stopped and turned around. Thinking better of it, he simply said, "Nice tattoo." 3.7


819. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.