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Talking Dictionary816. Careful What You Sign


816. A woman in a suit rang the doorbell. Scott opened the door. She asked, "Are you Scott Lehrer?" He nodded. She said, "Did you sign an online petition saying citizens should warmly welcome all immigrants into our country, regardless of their education, job skills, health status, country of origin, or native language?" Scott nodded again. She said, "This is Mr. Ehks, from Ehkslandia." Scott said hello. Mr. Ehks said hello in his native language. She continued, "Mr. Ehks is your new housemate." Scott said, "Excuse me?!” She said, "We've run out of shelters to put millions of immigrants in, so now we're putting them into homes of petition‐signers, like you." Scott said, "You can't do that!" She said, "Sir, we're the Government. We can do whatever we want. You should embrace this opportunity to put your house where your mouth is. I'll be bringing his wife and baby by tomorrow." 5.0


816. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.