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Talking Dictionary815. Watch Out For Pretty Magpies


815. Chad was running late, but he didn't know exactly how late. Seeing beautiful Monique on the sidewalk, he figured he'd kill two birds with one stone. Summoning his inner Cary Grant, he asked if she had the time. Monique answered, "You know, that's funny. You're asking me the time, but I was just wondering the same thing myself! Isn't that a coincidence! Did you leave your watch at home too? I was in such a hurry this morning. I overslept, something I rarely do. But last night my kids kept me up till eleven playing Scrabble. My kids are so smart. They beat my pants off! They must have gotten their smarts from their dad. Although if he was that smart, he wouldn't have had that affair. I should've divorced that man on the spot. Wait! Didn't you ask me something? Or did I ask you?" Chad had raced off. 2.5


815. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.