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Talking Dictionary813. A "Starter" Cigarette For Kids


813. Mona loved her boyfriend, but she hated his cigarettes. She often told him, "Your breath stinks, your clothes stink, and your car stinks. Everything stinks!” He always said, "This is my last cigarette, I promise." She told her cousin Cal, a chemist, about her boyfriend's "aroma." Months later, Cal called back. "I developed ten different scents that can be added to tobacco, like wintergreen, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, and bubblegum. I'm still working on a formula that'll neutralize the stench instead of just covering it up. Anyway, Worldwide Tobacco Company's going to manufacture the scented cigarettes within the year." She said, "I love you! I'm going to get Arnie to smoke vanilla. But why bubblegum?" Cal said, "That wasn't my idea. They just asked if I could create it. They're going to give bubblegum away free to kids in foreign countries. Then they'll sell them—cheap, at first—the bubblegum‐scented cigarettes." 5.8


813. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.