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Talking Dictionary810. Sidewalk Bicyclist Flies, Swims


810. The northern sidewalk paralleling Sheepshead Bay was wide and empty. Walking westward deep in thought, Sheldon suddenly felt a rush of air on his left side as a bicyclist silently whooshed past him from behind. Startled, Sheldon yelled an angry word at the man, who turned his head and yelled the same word back. Throughout NYC, cyclists had narrowly missed Sheldon so often that he was sure he was going to die as a bicycle victim on a city sidewalk. His fear of such a death had created an ill will toward adult bicyclists. When he read news stories about bicyclists killed by drivers, he felt no sympathy. Instead, whenever he saw an adult cyclist zipping past the bay's nine piers, Sheldon daydreamed about the cyclist hitting something and flying over the metal railing into the water 10 feet below. Then Sheldon would casually drop the bike into the bay. 8.9


810. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.