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Talking Dictionary804. I Left My Puddle In SF


804. The city where Tony Bennett left his heart is becoming the city where the homeless leave their urine. Even as San Francisco opens its arms to the homeless, its residents pinch their noses. City officials welcome the homeless, but the city's store owners and homeowners bolt their doors. The city council is considering passing a new law requiring an open‐door policy. Meanwhile, unwelcome indoors, the homeless use the great outdoors. Said one homeless person, "What's the problem? Birds do it, cats and dogs do it, and most golfers do it." A clever businessman is marketing a new product in a spray can. When urine strikes walls or sidewalks that have been sprayed, it bounces back onto the shoes and pants of the urinator. "Ha! That'll make them think twice," said the businessman. Said a homeless person, "It's a great product," as he sprayed the stuff onto his shoes and pants. 6.9


804. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.