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Talking Dictionary803. Skin On Skin On Q Train


803. It was midsummer. Lee was on the Q train. A man took the seat on Lee's left. Shortly afterward, the guy's bare arm was touching Lee's bare arm. Lee could easily have moved his left arm slightly to the right, but Lee had been sitting there first. But the guy, apparently oblivious or maybe even gay, didn't move his arm away. Lee was in anguish. He had to decide: his pride versus that guy's cooties. Lee moved his left arm slightly right. He promised himself a shower as soon as he got home. But his relief was short‐lived. The guy's hairy arm was touching Lee's arm again! For the first time, Lee looked at the guy. He was an old guy, nodding off. Realizing that it might be only moments before his head was on Lee's shoulder, Lee stood up. The man tilted slightly to the right, but caught himself. 3.0


803. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.