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Talking Dictionary802. Drop A Dime On Drunk Drivers


802. About 30 times a day in our civilized country, an inattentive drunk driver slams into another motorist, killing him. Most Americans barely notice, even though this number is the equivalent, over 12 months, of a passenger plane crashing into the Rockies every two weeks. Cheryl, however, noticed. She created ROAD—Rat Out a Drunk. She lobbied Congress, which created an annual lottery worth $4 million. To join the lottery, a person merely submitted the names of people he knew who regularly, or even occasionally, drove after drinking. At the end of each year, a computer randomly selected one date—May 1, for example. Then the computer printed out the names of drunk drivers arrested for killing fellow motorists on May 1. Then the President, on national TV, picked one of those names out of a hat. The lucky "rat" got $2 million tax free, as did the unlucky victim's family. 9.5


802. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.