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Talking Dictionary798. Smart Gamblers Don't Play Lottery


798. Horace told his wife, "Listen to this. Americans spent $70 billion last year on lottery tickets. That's more than the total spent on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets, and recorded music, which was $63 billion. What's the matter with these people? At least they got something for their $63 billion. What'd they get for their $70 billion? Nothing, most of them. The lottery's a fool's game. There's six numbers. Your chance of hitting the Power Ball number, which is just one number, is less than one in 70. One in 70! You have a better chance at Aqueduct, where there's only 10 horses per race. Ah, what do I care? It's not my money. Are we packed for Vegas? I can't wait to get to the roulette tables. Black, red, or green. So simple. Your chance of winning is one in three. Now that's a level playing field!" 3.8


798. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.