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Talking Dictionary797. Unasked‐For Advice—It's Human Nature


797. Ira said, "I think I'm coming down with a cold." His older brother said, "You should see a doctor. Sometimes people think it's just a cold but find out too late that it's double pneumonia. That's what killed the muppet guy." His younger brother said, "You should squeeze fresh lime juice into a shot glass full of hot whiskey every night for a week." His older sister said, "You should take two baby aspirin with a large glass of fresh‐squeezed orange juice every night." His younger sister said, "You should stay home so you don't infect your coworkers. That's how colds spread, you know." His mother said, "You should stop going to that bar on Friday night. Bartenders never clean the bar glasses properly. They use the same filthy rag to dry the glasses that they use to wipe the counter." His father said, "You should listen to your mother." 4.7


797. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.