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Talking Dictionary793. Pretty Is Better Than Smart


793. Lola was seven years old, two years younger than her sister Edie. One day Lola asked, "Mommy, am I pretty?" Her mom said, "Of course you are, dear. Why do you ask?" Lola said, "Because no one ever tells me that I'm pretty. Nobody, not even you or dad, has ever told me that. But everyone always tells Edie how pretty she is. And everyone always talks about how pretty she is, and how she could be a movie star when she grows up. I want to be a movie star too." Lola's mom said, "Honey, 'pretty' isn't everything. You are very smart. You're smart enough to be anything you want to be. You can be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a scientist. What could be better than that?" Lola said, "Who wants to be a scientist? I don't want to be smart. I want to be pretty!" 3.4


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