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Talking Dictionary792. Coming Through—Make A Hole


792. Warren was walking along the right edge of the sidewalk, next to the storefronts. Another man, also walking alongside the storefronts, was approaching Warren. When they got within a foot of each other, they stopped. The other man was a head taller. Warren said, "Step aside." The man laughed and said, "No, buddy. You step aside." Warren said, "You're not listening. Move out of my way, or I'll move you out of my way." The man laughed again and said, "Try it, little man." Warren swung, catching the man flush on his jaw. He fell to the sidewalk, unconscious. Warren stepped over him and resumed walking. When arrested moments later, Warren explained, "I never step aside. It shows weakness to others, and it robs me of my self‐respect." The arresting cop said, "Excuse me?! Stepping aside is simply being courteous." Warren said, "I save my courtesy for people I respect." 4.7


792. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.