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Talking Dictionary791. Don't Make Excuses For Hotdog Loser


791. Frank, the 980 AM talk show host, was talking to Ralphie, the CEO of Big‐Time Eating. The subject was the previous day's hotdog‐eating contest in Coney Island. Young newcomer Matt Stonie had edged out the favored champ, Joey, by two hotdogs. Frank asked, "Why do you think Joey lost?" Ralphie said, "Well, first of all, it was an overcast day. Joey, I would say, is a hot weather eater. So, the cooler temperature might've slowed him down. Also, as everyone knows, Joey recently broke up with his fiancée, so that must have been weighing on his mind." Frank agreed. Listener Bert called in. He said, "Come on, you two. Stop making excuses for Joey. Stonie won fair and square. The temperature was the same for everyone. And, you don't know—maybe Stonie was also dealing with some kind of personal grief. Joey was a great champion, but now he's history." 4.5


791. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.