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Talking Dictionary790. Last Ride On Coney's Cyclone


790. When he was five, Wally rode the Cyclone, Coney Island's famous wooden roller coaster built in 1927. His dad and aunt flanked him. Afterward, Wally's mom asked if he had liked it. He cried out, "No!" As an adult, Wally decided to revisit the two‐minute ride. He asked the ticket seller, "Do you give discounts to vets?" She said no. He asked, "Senior citizens?" She said no. He asked, "AARP?" She said no. Wally paid the nine dollars. He sat alone in a middle car. The coaster creaked slowly up a steep slope. Then, rapidly, it descended almost vertically. Wally's glasses started vibrating violently. He felt like all his bones were rattling against one another. The coaster made five more steep descents and five sharp left to right turns. When it stopped, Wally, feeling nauseous, laboriously climbed out of his seat. The child is smarter than the man, he thought. 4.4


790. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.