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Talking Dictionary789. There's A New Sausage In Town


789. It was a grey day in overcast Coney Island. Grey as in poupon. Poupon as in mustard. Mustard as in hotdog. Hotdog as in Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hotdog Eating Contest, in its 43rd year. The men's contest was a battle of the buns, a duel of the dogs, as eight‐time, reigning champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut matched mouthfuls with chomping challenger Matt Stonie. After 10 minutes of wolfing wieners and swilling water, Stonie won the war of the wurst by a paltry two pups, 62 to 60. The victory didn't exactly surprise Stonie, who had beaten Joey six times, head to head, in the past year in other eating contests. In accepting his victory belt, Stonie shouted "Frank you!" to 2,000 cheering spectators. The announcer announced it was an "incredible battle between two incredible athletes." Wiener warriors have come a long way since 1980, when nine dogs won. 8.1


789. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.