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Talking Dictionary788. Bad Habits Are To Be Enjoyed


788. Maria owned many books on magic potions. All of the potions had antidotes, which were handy on the occasions when she turned rude people into frogs. She'd always used the potions locally, but one day she decided to go international with an exciting new potion. The world will soon be a better place, she thought. She spritzed the potion from her fourth‐floor walkup in the Bronx. A month later, everyone on Earth who had self‐destructive habits changed for the better. Smokers stopped smoking. Drinkers stopped drinking. Overeaters stopped overeating. Gamblers stopped gambling. Cheaters stopped cheating. Liars stopped lying. Nobody could figure out the cause of these changes until Maria stepped forward. Millions praised her. But millions of others didn't. Smokers missed smoking. Drinkers missed drinking. Others missed their bad habits, too. Soon, they demanded that Maria "undo" her potion. Crossing her fingers, she said, "If only there were an antidote." 5.6


788. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.