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Talking Dictionary784. Divided States Of America


784. It's the future. The United States, population one billion, is as crowded as a rush hour 6 train. Crowded people are irritable people. Irritable people argue, fight, and kill. The President declared, "We can't go on like this. The first thing that too many people do when someone irritates them is to call that person a name, usually related to his race. We're supposed to be a melting pot, but we're still a tossed salad. So, my new executive order divides the U.S.A. into ten geographical areas. One area will be exclusively white people, another area solely black people, and so on. The tenth area will be only mixed races. Maybe absence'll make the heart grow fonder, and we'll all get back together sometime." However, within each area people continued to argue, fight, and kill. The President told his wife, "Well, at least we got rid of racial hate crimes." 6.9


784. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.