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Talking Dictionary782. SCOTUS Okays Same‐Sex Marriage


782. The Supreme Court, in a 5‐4 decision Friday, approved same‐sex marriage nationwide. President Obama called the decision a "victory for America." The White House, using colorful lighting, became the Rainbow House that evening. Nyers danced outside the Stonewall Inn while same‐sex partners kissed and hugged one another. The LGBTQ community lauded the decision. Said one NYer, "Does it get any better than this? We can now get married in all 50 states. And our marriages are lawful. Our love for our partner is recognized as a legal union. Love has won; bigotry has lost." An evangelist said, "What does Obama mean, it's a 'victory for America'? I'm an American. It's no victory for me or other American Christians. It's no victory for the Bible, America's only path to salvation. Just as those sinners fought for this decision, we're going to fight to reverse it. And God is on our side." 7.2


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