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Talking Dictionary778. General Lee Becomes Unperson


778. The President said, "General Robert E. Lee was a great commander, but he fought for the South and for slavery. Many southerners still admire the general. But admiring the general means admiring racism. We can't have that. This country has too many divisive issues as it is. Therefore, to eliminate racism, I have ordered the destruction of General Lee's memorial and all statues honoring him. Further, I have ordered the removal or destruction of all paintings, photos, articles, and books about the general. Unfortunately, even without such reminders, we still have the word 'lee.' Every time someone sees that word, they're going to think about General Lee and racism. So, I've ordered that 'l‐e‐e' be changed to 'l‐y' in dictionaries and elsewhere, including Google. From now on, people can wear their Ly jeans or eat Sara Ly cheesecakes or argue about Ly Harvey Oswald, all without promoting, or perceiving, racism." 9.1


778. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.