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Talking Dictionary777. Rebel Flag Goes South


777. The President said, "The Confederate flag sells, salutes, and sanctions racism. Therefore, I've just signed an executive order banning public display of the flag itself or its public use as a logo on caps, T‐shirts, et cetera. However, if southerners want to display the flag and related items inside the privacy of their own homes, that's okay, as long as they keep the blinds closed. After all, free speech at home is the least that Americans can expect from their government. Now, because I know this ban won't be seen as 'enough,' I'm ordering the destruction of all statuary related to the Confederate cause. Also, because Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, I'm ordering the destruction of their monuments in Washington, D.C., and their mansions. Finally, I'm removing their likenesses from our money. I'm confident that when all these symbols of racism disappear, racism in our great country will also disappear." 10.5


777. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.